Parent & Child Mindfulness Practices: Learn how to mindfullyrelax,release and let go of tension together

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Parent & Child Mindfulness Practices: Learn how to mindfullyrelax,release and let go of tension together

We all get stressed, overwhelmed, unhappy and edgy. It's part of being human.

We don't like these feelings so we often pass them onto other people by blaming, sulking or being unkind (to ourselves or others).

This short mini e-course provides you with mindful practices that you can do together or individually to bring more peace, ease and clarity.

You will learn how observe your busy mind and pay attention to internal and external anchors where there is no 'drama' or stress. You will also have a few exercises that you can choose to do whenever and wherever you remember. It's great to encourage and remind each other to do them. These activities can be done at work, in school, at home or when you're travelling. 

In the course, you will learn to utilise and explore:

- Your Breath

- Journalling

- Outdoor Mindfulness

- Positivity & Optimism

There are 8 short practices in this course that can be accessed by phone or other device. They can be shared with any age although children aged 7 and above will be able to engage more deeply with the practices and insights.

How it works for you, is up to you. There are opportunities in the course to ask questions and share your experiences and insights with me.

Any questions, please drop an email to:

There will be more mini e-courses coming your way soon!

If your child goes to a Learnful School then you have free access to this course. Please ask your school for their unique Learnful code or email stating your child's school name on the email.

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