Learnful Family: Mental and Emotional Wellbeing Practices for Parents and Children

Are you a mum or dad who is handling a sensitive or emotionally reactive primary-school aged child?

Do you get stressed out and upset about how to handle behaviour and navigate emotionally-fuelled situations with peace, patience and ease?

Do you feel like you're doing it all wrong, regularly 'feel bad' for not handling it well and would love some support to know that you're not on your own?

Are you worried about your child's wellbeing and the ‘goings-on’ at school and wonder how they’re coping inside?


Would you love to...

Feel calmer, more in control and able to navigate challenges with with grace, ease and simplicity?

Feel more confident?

Be more forgiving, compassionate and understanding of your children and yourself?

Have improved communication and connection with your children and partners around positive mental health and emotional awareness?

You're in the right place!

Learnful Families is a supportive place where parents and children can find, learn and practice self-regulation, emotional awareness and mindfulness.

Together you can learn to notice your thoughts and feelings and nurture yourself through those unhelpful thoughts and uncomfortable feelings we all experience at times like anxiety, anger and sadness. 

In the Learnful Family we use short and easy practices that help you to become self-aware and equipped with tools and techniques to bring you out of worry thoughts and feelings and into a calmer place. 

We look at why you may feel frustrated and angry and how you can help yourself to settle and soothe so you can make clearer and kinder decisions. 

The short videos and practices include:

Pausing Practices

Self-Talk (great for our inner bully-brain)



School Run Mindfulness

Monthly Themed Workshops

...and more

By practising mindfulness, emotional awareness and self-regulation you may find yourself making healthier choices that feel good, allow you to feel proud of yourself and feel happier at home.

Who's it for?

Primary school age parents and children

What's included?

Short, easy to navigate videos and practices

Weekly email prompts and suggestions

Communicate boxes for you to ask questions, share your insights and wins!

How much is it?

£10 a month, cancel at anytime. 

Why should I join Learnful Families?

We're all so busy and yet our home lives can be spent with many flash points and emotionally-charged moments.

This friendly membership is designed to be light-hearted, light-touch, simple, easy and manageable BUT most of all realistic. 

Why choose Jo Bradley to help you?

Jo has been supporting thousands of primary school-aged children and their teachers though her whole-school Learnful School programme.

She helps them to notice, nurture, equip and be empowered to positively transform their mental health and emotional awareness.

BUT Jo also is:

A parent to two young boys and has needed and practised the support you will find in this membership.

An ex-primary school teacher and assistant headteacher, mindfulness practitioner and teacher. She is perfectly imperfect and has many 'pretty' moments and 'ugly' moments as far as parenting goes.

She uses all the strategies, tools and practices to help and support herself and her family.

She no longer beats herself up like she used to.

She catches herself deep-breathing and moving in ways she has never done so she can have calmer conversations rather than a heated exchanges.

She spends less and less time in the swirling hurricane of her children’s strong emotions (not always) and more time in the centre space, watching and supporting from the grounded, clarity of the middle.


She finds herself being present on the school run and down-regulating her nervous system when she's been tense and tight.

Her children observe her doing this and learn by watching.

Self-awareness allows you to zoom out and choose differently.

In this membership, you are not on your own. I am journeying with you. 

For all of those moments when you have been:

Stressed on school runs

Worried about your kids mental health and behaviours

Busy, full, overwhelmed, juggling all the things

When your work, life and home balance is out of whack

When you're desperately trying to be organised and constantly ‘on top’ of everything and never feeling like you’re there

Down-trodden – tired, exhausted, lonely

Feeling guilty about 'how bad you are'

I've been there and still go there.

I'm just better at 'seeing' it now and not spending as long in those moments.

Together with your children, you can learn more and more about self-awareness, mindfulness, emotional regulation and managing your internal world of thoughts and feelings in a kind and compassionate and curious manner.

So when you or your child is faced with challenges, change and stress, your capacity to show up calmly and choose wisely is wide and available.

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